Who is Dan?

American Dan is from upstate New York, who came to the UK in 1990 and has worked with many clients over those years, as a personal trainer, massage therapist and nutritionist. Working with all types of groups, athletes and with a wide range of issues and age groups.

Encouraging clients to be active and stay active as long as they can, through fun inclusive activities while utilising different exercise tools both inside and out of the gym environment.


Daniel’s experience with different types of conditions, in his capacity as a personal trainer has been valuable in understanding needs and abilities and when it comes to bringing the client to either a ‘gentle active state’ or devising a full muscle building or toning workout strategy including dietary and supplement considerations.

He has a degree in culinary arts and nutrition from the State University of New York in Fredonia . He is a keen cyclist and very nutrition conscious. He works mostly at retirement homes and clients’ own homes, which means he is able to give a personalised service.

He has been very successful in relieving suffering from long-term conditions such as IBS, joint pain, skin conditions as well as many others, by recommending all natural supplements.